Peter Ponzol

Sales Sheet

Peter Ponzol believes it is much better to have the right mouthpiece and adjust your reed strength if you need less or more resistance. The many testimonials support that this concept really works. All Ponzol mouthpieces share the concept that a mouthpiece should be easy to play in all registers, with just the right amount of resistance that gives the player the possibility to make their sound, not the sound someone else thinks they should have.

The Ponzol ProReed is available for Alto and Tenor Sax. This synthetic reed is machined to very exact tolerances and lies perfectly flat on your mouthpiece table. The material is very flexible and remains easy to play regardless of how stiff a reed you play. You can alter the response by where you place the reed, so don’t be afraid to move it below the tip, even with the tip, or above the tip.

Quality products designed by one player, for other players, at a fair price.