ReedJuvinate™ is convenient and your reeds are immediately ready to play

Your reeds stored in the ReedJuvinate™ system are always ready to play. The magnet keeps your ReedJuvinate™ close at hand, on the music stand, chair leg, or instrument stand. It is small enough to fit in your instrument case, and works even when upside down. The humidity and sterilization solution is Listerine – inexpensive and available everywhere.

ReedJuvinate™ saves you money because your reeds last longer

Reeds are expensive and short lived. Your reeds will play many times longer, so ReedJuvinate™ pays for itself very quickly. ReedJuvinate™ is a one time purchase.

ReedJuvinate™ keeps your reeds clean and healthy

Reeds grow bacteria and fungi, which are unhealthy. Two new reeds were each played for 30 minutes daily for five days, and then placed on culture plates for 48 hours. The ReedJuvinate™ reed on the left is sterile, while the reed on the right was stored dry, and grew bacteria and fungi.