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I wanted to take a moment to tell each of you Thank You for all the support you provide my business and myself. I am proud to say that AWM is my exclusive supplier for a reason. I do not order from other suppliers unless AWM is out of stock or does not sell a particular product.

Kelly & Stacy, you are both always willing to run out to the warehouse and verify if an item is in stock and pull it for me so that it doesn’t get filled to another order. you also are able to explain details of any new products that I am considering selling. For example, Kelly, you ran to the warehouse, inspected every sax strap that is sold and we both decided on the FAXX with neoprene padding and full closure hook as the perfect one. I really appreciate it when you go above and beyond like this for me. I speak with you two the most when I place my orders and these calls are always a joyful part of my day. Ladies, I have countless examples of how you both have gone above and beyond for me.  THANK YOU

……. This fast response is very much appreciated… Jill, you rock!

Tim, You have answered countless higher-level questions from me. In fact, many times you respond to my email at odd times in the middle of the night… Thank You Tim for your attention to detail.

I am thrilled to see all the new Synthetic oil and grease products AWM just launched. Not only by the quality but also how well they work.  Thank You again to all 4 of you.

~A Happy AWM Dealer”